Privacy Policy

This is a nominal page to inform you about the privacy policy of is a private website intended to showcase a hobby.

This is not a commercial website. Nothing is being sold here, not even your data.

Our web server knows your IP address and retains information about how and when that address accessed the website so we can identify and defend against bad actors. Once that data is no longer relevant, it is purged from the systems (no later than 30 days after that IPs last access).

We set no cookies. We embed no tracking pixels of any kind. We pass no information about your visit to other companies.

Youtube embeds are passed with the “nocookie” option. Before you can fully display a Youtube video from a post page, consent to transmit data to Youtube is obtained on the website by clicking on a button. This then sets the standard Youtube cookie. We have no idea what Google does with the data so obtained, so tread carefully if you want to load a Youtube video (anywhere on the internet, to be fair). In case you need to check out the Youtube terms of service, you can do so here and read Google’s privacy policy here.